our process

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VitalChurch offers a proven, biblically-based, three-phase process of church revitalisation for churches who find themselves in a season of transition or crisis. The nature of the transition or crisis varies from church to church, and it takes painstaking and careful work to uncover the complex underlying issues. In every case, VitalChurch works to help congregations and leaders return to a place where God and His purposes are central to the life and ministry of the church.

Throughout the entire process, our pastors work alongside your church to discern what the Holy Spirit is saying, and to bring about transformation together.


The three phases of the process are:

Diagnostic Analysis

VitalChurch’s diagnostic assessment acts as a mirror and a map for congregations through a proven process that involves listening to God and the people of the church.

Intentional Interim Pastorate

VitalChurch pastors direct, empower, and facilitate change in churches, helping them become vital and vibrant places, ready to call a new pastor.

Follow-up Coaching

VitalChurch coaches continue to work with church staff and leaders as a resource to guide them and to make sure the processes and programs that were implemented are continuing to serve them well.