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Invest in the ministry of VitalChurch UK to help revitalise and support churches in transition or crisis

VitalChurch depends completely on monthly and one-time gifts from generous individuals and churches. 


gift aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, please take a moment to sign a Gift Aid declaration. 

Gift Aid makes a significant difference to VitalChurch Ministry UK (SCIO), SC048420): it allows us to reclaim (from HMRC) 25p for every £1 donated—at no cost to the donor. Please help us to maximise your gift by completing the form below.

Please note that you must be paying as much tax in the UK as is claimed back by charity in order to use Gift Aid. Please notify VitalChurch if you want to cancel this declaration, change your name or home address or no longer pay sufficient tax on your income and/or capital gains.


Standing Orders are very important for our work, allowing us to plan for the future and reducing our administrative costs. You can set up Standing Order with your bank online or by visiting your local branch. Our details are as follows:

VitalChurch Ministry UK | SORT: 83-91-46 | ACC: 00401090

Please remember to leave your name as a reference. Thank you!

donate stocks

If you would like to donate your stocks to the ministry of VitalChurch UK, please get in touch with us directly on our contact page.