who we are


We are pastors called to the work of interim pastoring and leading Christ-centred churches through a season brought on by some type of transition or crisis. We direct, empower, and facilitate change in churches, leading them to pathways of healing, hope and revitalisation. For more than 20 years, we have prepared churches to be vital and vibrant places, ready to call a new pastor, through a proven process that is theologically and biblically based.

pastors at heart

Our ministry flows from a theological understanding of church revitalisation and intervention. We work to bring the church back to a place of intimacy with Christ, while at the same time addressing the systemic issues that keep a congregation from flourishing. We are pastors at heart. We care for and resonate with the church, rather than simply coming in as consultants.

VitalChurch is not for every congregation that finds itself in a difficult time. A church must be willing to surrender to God’s purposes and make some tough decisions. As such, we only work with church leaders and congregations who are aware of their need for change and are committed to long-term healing, wholeness, and vitality. Our team is made up of experts in the fields of church diagnostics, intentional interim pastoring, and leadership coaching. We have produced resources and training materials that are used by churches and denominations, and our staff members have been featured speakers at a variety of these ministries’ training conferences.

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